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Become a long term distributor or retailer or bulk buyer with a well established Australian owned business.

Battery Importer Australia established in 1996 and has been a battery supplier to various countries.

Battery Importer Australia supplies batteries in Card Style Packaging and with Battery Counter Stands and Battery Floor Stands. Other promotional material is available including Battery Sold Here Signs and with years of experience we can ready to help build your battery business.

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Zinc Chloride AA and AAA Batteries Wincell Brand - Zinc Chloride, 3x less power than alkaline, great in lower power drain devices.

Available in: AA, AAA, C, D, 6V and 9V

Ultra Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries Winmax Brand - Up to 400% more digital alkaline power. Ideal for toys, MP3 players and other electronic devices.

Available in: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V

Extreme Lithium AA and AAA Batteries Suncell Brand - Extreme Lithium, lasts 6x longer than alkaline batteries. Ideal for cameras and high powered devices.

Available in: AA and AAA


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