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Zinc Chloride AA and AAA Batteries Wincell Brand - Zinc Chloride, 3x less power than alkaline, great in lower power drain devices.

Available in: AA, AAA, C, D, 6V and 9V

Ultra Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries Winmax Brand - Up to 400% more digital alkaline power. Ideal for toys, MP3 players and other electronic devices.

Available in: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V

Extreme Lithium AA and AAA Batteries Suncell Brand - Extreme Lithium, lasts 6x longer than alkaline batteries. Ideal for cameras and high powered devices.

Available in: AA and AAA

Battery Importer Australia Bulk batteries, Battery Importer supplies a wide range of brands and batteries and are able to supply any quantities your business requires.


Great to see an Australian owned battery company had a really good write up about best value and performance AAA & AA Ultra Alkaline batteries.

John Curtis
Happy Battery Distributor

We are pleased to let you know that after testing your CR123A battery, and compared to other so called leading brands that we used to use in our system, "Winmax" has the best perfermance by far.

And I am also very impressed with your friendly and fast service.

Ken Bradford

Winmax Battery brand performed better than Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic in our battery tests over a 3 month period

AAA and AA battery sizes were used in our test very impressed with the new Winmax batteries.

Liam Alec

Feedback as requested.

Bulk pack of batteries, AAA, AA are selling great to my customers, “Wincell” is the best selling batteries so far.

Harold Holiday

Hi Guys, the battery retail stands arrived, batteries look bright and eye catching and I already sold 20 battery cards today!

Monique Wilson
Retail Shop Owner

Wincell is the best value battery we have used and very reliable, Wincell will be our favourite battery to sell. Thanks Battery Importer!

Andrew Christian

Very very impressed with the massive power of the new “400% up” in digital power Winmax battery.

It is extremely powerful, I will be moving to your battery brand from now on.

L Messi

The lithium battery you recommended was perfect and reliable.

Thank you very much for the fast service and advice about batteries.

Ali (A Reseller)

Could I become your battery wholesaler, I used Winmax batteries when I was on holidays and they perform better than my current battery brands.

Nick Gomez

Battery Importer, the Winmax batteries were the best buy and best value batteries I have ever purchased.

Move over Duracell and Energizer, Winmax is a great high power battery too.

I thank you for the quick service and very good advice.

Rebecca Flynn

The Wincell coin batteries worked a treat and lasted just as long as the Energizer brands.

Service from you is much better than our last supplier of batteries.

Nick Long
NLE Supplies

The Winmax range on your battery stand looks really good and stands out, I would like more battery information as customers are asking questions.

Really happy I found Winmax.

Lisa Chung


I just had to phone you to say in all the years I have been buying batteries, the Winmax batteries are the best I have ever used.

I am 80 years young, and a very happy customer!

Paul Waites
Longaville NSW

Your battery product range is so easy to sell and the pamphlets really do help.

Really happy to be one of your distributors.

Bob Lee

Thank you very much for allowing my company to be one of your wholesalers. The battery products are selling in and back out of our customers businesses extremely well.

Winmax Australia, you have done well.

Lisa Gibson
Wholesaler in Australia

Best batteries I have ever used, best power I have ever got out of a battery "Winmax".

Ali "A happy customer"

It has been hard to find a battery brand or company that hold very large stock levels and I would like to say the service by Battery Importer has been extremely good.

Bob Turner

Best batteries up to date, the Winmax, Duracell, and Energizer was tested in our electrical products, and the Winmax was the best batteries compared to the Duracell and Energizer batteries.

Victor Pike

If you want down to earth reliable service and back up, this is the company.

I have been a wholesaler for many years and absolutely no other supplier comes any where near these guys as a supplier. So contact them if you want to work long term with a switched on, go ahead and excellent helpful company.

Theos Wholesale

You are right, similar to the leading brands in power and reliability and it's great that I can talk with you "the owner" direct at anytime. Thanks mate.

Tony Hassan

"Wow" Just an email to say that was the fastest order I have ever got, emailed at 9.30am and got it at 12pm Same Day! Thanks again!

John Costa
VZMA Group

You are one of the few places that holds a large amount of stock and that makes my job so much easier, so I will recommend you to others in the future.

Doug Mathews
Electrical Group Australia

We have been purchasing from the American brand Eveready, Energizer battery supplier and I have been extremely surprised at how many of my customers are pleased with the sales of your Winmax batteries. I would like to increase the range so please let me know if you have any new sizes.

Wholesaler NSW

Really cheap prices on your batteries, I won some great new business. Thanks for all the quick service.

Charles Church

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