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Retailers, if your business is looking to stock Winmax or Wincell products or purchase for promotional or marketing purposes, please see:

Distributors, if your business is looking to distribute, export, import or for bulk purchases, contact Battery Importer for information and pricing.

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Welcome to Battery Importer Australia

We have been providing one of the best range of batteries for over a 2 decades throughout Australia and Overseas. Australian owned and trading since the mid 1990's, we are looking for businesses that would like to work together as wholesalers, distributors, bulk buyers and retailers.

Battery Importer for fast, reliable battery supplies at great prices and with professional advice for free.

Battery Importer supplies Alkaline batteries, Zinc Chloride batteries, Silver Oxide batteries, Lithium batteries, Ni-MH Rechargable batteries in AA batteries, AAA batteries, AAAA batteries, 9Volt batteries, C batteries, D batteries, 6Volt batteries, Lithium batteries, Coin batteries, Button batteries and Photo camera batteries, in bulk or carded styles, ISO9001/9002 quality standards are used.

We can also supply WINMAX, WINCELL, SUNCELL "battery stands" and battery promotional material.

Battery Brands, Bulk Batteries, Carded Retail Batteries with Stands and Battery Promotional Material

Zinc Chloride AA and AAA Batteries

Wincell Brand - Zinc Chloride, 3x less power than alkaline, great in lower power drain devices.

Available in: AA, AAA, C, D, 6V and 9V

Ultra Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries

Winmax Brand - Up to 400% more digital alkaline power. Ideal for toys, MP3 players and other electronic devices.

Available in: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V

Extreme Lithium AA and AAA Batteries

Suncell Brand - Extreme Lithium, lasts 6x longer than alkaline batteries. Ideal for cameras and high powered devices.

Available in: AA and AAA

Battery Importer Australia

Bulk batteries, Battery Importer is able to supply a wide range of batteries and are able to supply any quantities your business requires.